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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Visa-free travel, visa on arrival for Filipinos

According to Passport Index, the Philippines passport has a visa-free score of 61. Here's the complete list:

Visa-free access:
Costa Rica
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Hong Kong
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Visa on arrival:
Cape Verde
Marshall Islands
Papua New Guinea
Saint Lucia
Trinidad and Tobago

E-tourist visa
Sri Lanka

Visa-free travel, visa on arrival for Pakistan Passport holders

The Pakistani passport is ranked the third-last in the world, above only Afghanistan (30 points) and Iraq (33 points).

Here's a list of countries that Pakistanis can visit either without visa or with visa on arrival.

Visa-free entry
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago

Visa on arrival/e-visa/pre-enrolment
Cape Verde
Cote d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Seychelles (visitor's permit)

Visa-free European travel destinations from UAE

Travelling to Europe can be challenging - many of the countries in the continent have strict visa policies and on top of that, most of them are not really that cheap to visit. But not all European countries are like that.
UAE residence visa holders can travel to three European countries visa-free.


Armenia is a breathtaking Eastern European country with lots of ancient landmarks and majestic mountains. The city has been gaining popularity amongst backpackers. It's worth noting that only certain passport holders - despite having a UAE residence visa, can travel to Armenia visa-free. Is your passport on the list? Check out our guides to Indian, Pakistani and Filipino visas below.


Georgia is famous for a lot of things - but most of all, their food. But that's not all, dubbed the 'Balcony of Europe.


Azerbaijan changed their tourist visa policy earlier this year. On July 26, the country allowed all UAE residents to avail of a tourist visa upon arrival. You can also experience all four seasons at once in Azerbaijan since they have 9 climate zones

Visa-free, visa on arrival travel for Indians to 59 countries

Visa-free travel, visa on arrival for Pakistan Passport holders - 28 Countries

Visa-free travel, visa on arrival for Filipinos

UAE Labour Law: Disciplinary Rules

Article 102

The disciplinary rules that may be inflicted by the employer or the representative shall be:

1 - Warning

2 - Fine

3 - Suspension with reduced pay for a period not exceeding ten days

4 - Deprivation from or deferment of periodic bonus in establishments containing a system for such bonuses

5 - Deprivation from promotion in establishments applying a system for such promotion

6 - Dismissal from work without prejudice to the end of service gratuity

7 - Dismissal from work and deprivation from the total end of service gratuity or a part thereof.

Article 103

The disciplinary rules shall determine the cases where each disciplinary sanction set forth in the preceding Article shall be inflicted.

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs shall issue, by means of a decision thereof, a model list of disciplinary rules and rewards to guide the employers in setting their own rules in this regard.

Article 104

The fine may be a specific amount or an amount equal to the wage of the worker for a specific period. The fine prescribed with regards to one breach may not exceed the wage of five days. Furthermore, for the settlement of the fines imposed on the worker, a maximum amount equal to the wage of five days may be deducted from the wage of the worker per month.

Article 105

Fines imposed on workers shall be recorded in a special register along with the cause and circumstances of imposition thereof as well as the name and wage of the worker. A special account shall be allocated therefore and the monthly proceeds thereof shall be used for the social welfare of the workers in accordance with the decisions issued by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in this regard.

Article 106

The penalty of deprivation of the periodic allowance may only be imposed once per year. Such allowance may not be deferred for more than six months.

Article 107

The penalty of deprivation of the promotion may not be imposed for more than one promotional cycle. The penalised worker shall be then promoted during the following promotional cycle should he meet the necessary conditions for such promotion.

Article 108

The financial differences from the deprivation of the promotion or allowance or the deferment thereof, of which the employer shall benefit, shall be registered in a special register along with the cause and circumstances of the imposition as well as the name and wage of the worker. A special account shall be allocated and the monthly proceeds thereof shall be used for the social welfare of the workers in accordance with the decisions issued by the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in this regard.

Article 109

No disciplinary sanction may be imposed on the worker for an act perpetrated thereby outside the workplace, unless such act is connected to the work, the employer or the responsible manager. Furthermore, it shall not be permissible to impose more than one sanction or combine any disciplinary sanction with the deduction of any part of the wage of the worker in accordance with the provision of Article 61 hereof.

Article 110

It shall not be permissible to impose on the worker any of the sanctions set forth in Article 102 unless after the notification thereof in writing with regards to charges made against him, after having heard the worker and the defence investigated, and after having recorded the matter in a minutes deposited in his personal file. The sanction shall be noted at the end of such minutes.

The worker shall be notified in writing of the sanctions imposed thereupon, the type and amount thereof, the causes of imposition and the sanction to be imposed in case of recidivism.

Article 111

The worker may not be accused of a disciplinary offence after thirty days of the discovery thereof. Furthermore, no disciplinary sanction may be imposed after sixty days from the date of the end of the investigation in the offence of which the worker is found guilty.

Article 112

As amended by Federal Law no. 12 dated 29/10/1986:

The worker may be temporarily suspended from work upon the charging thereof of a deliberate crime against life, property, honour, honesty or of carrying out a strike.

The suspension period shall commence on the date of the notification of the incident to the competent authorities and until the issuance of a decision thereby in such regard. The worker shall not be entitled to his wage during the said suspension period. Should a decision be issued for the non-prosecution or the acquittal of the worker, the latter shall be reinstated and paid the full wage for the suspension period, should such suspension be arbitrary from the employer.

VAT refund: 4 conditions for UAE retailers to register in system

The Federal Tax Authority (FTA) on Saturday announced four conditions for retailers to register in the digital system of the Tax Refund Scheme for Tourists, which will come into effect as of the fourth quarter of this year.

The FTA set condition that the retailer must be registered with the FTA and have a tax registration number (TRN); the supplier's sales of goods must not be excluded from the refund scheme; the retailer must submit a request to participate in the Scheme as determined by the FTA; and finally, the retailer must meet the financial credit requirements specified by the system operator and be committed to submitting Tax Returns and paying due taxes regularly.

The Authority is implementing the Scheme in cooperation with Planet.

In a press statement issued today, the Federal Tax Authority cautioned that a retailer's membership in the Tax Refund Scheme for Tourists would be revoked if they fail to meet their obligations, whether those stated in tax laws or in the contract between the system operator and the retailer.

Khalid Ali Al Bustani, director-general, Federal Tax Authority, asserted that the past few days witnessed a great demand for registration in the Tax Refund Scheme for Tourists.

"The system operator will coordinate between retailers registered in the tax system and wishing to register for the Scheme, connecting them with ports of entry and exit all around the UAE," he explained.

"This, in turn, allows tourists who are eligible for a tax refund - as per the terms and conditions of the Cabinet Decision - to request a refund for taxes incurred on their purchases through a state-of-the-art digital system."

He said Planet will make agreements with retailers to equip them with the technologies needed to be part of the Scheme, which link these business to the digital systems of the Federal Tax Authority, as well as airports and land and sea ports. The Scheme creates designated places for tourists to apply for a tax refund and easily recover the eligible refundable amounts, which will be accurately calculated through the advanced digital system.

The FTA is hosting a meeting on September 25 in Ajman in an effort to maintain direct and constant communication with businesses, and introduce them to the terms and conditions for registering in the Tax Refund Scheme for Tourists, Al Bustani added.

"We have seen strong enthusiasm from retailers, outlets and shops across the UAE to register for the scheme, and look forward to seeing registrations grow," said Gary Byrne, director of Worldwide Strategic Partnerships & New Markets at Planet.

Nimish Goel, partner, WTS Dhruva Consultants, said in line with the best global practices, the UAE has also adopted a key measure to allow refund of VAT to international tourists. However, the key shall be the implementation i.e. educating as well as on boarding retailers and an efficient mechanism to grant refunds to tourists.

"Looking at the latest initiatives and developments from FTA, I believe this will continue to support the tourism in the country," Goel added.

Good conduct certificate must for teachers in UAE

All teachers in the UAE will need to obtain a good conduct certificate from the police department of the country they last taught at in order to get their licence approved. The requirement also applies to those currently teaching in the UAE.

A UAE teacher's licence is mandatory to teach in the country and a teaching permit may also be required, depending on each emirate. In Dubai, teachers have to get a permit from the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) after they receive their teaching licence, which is issued by the Ministry of Education (MoE). The licence and permit will have to be renewed every three years. However, a teacher can switch jobs within the emirate using the same permit.

Naji Almahdi, chief of qualifications (Dubai) at the ministry's National Qualifications Authority, said the conduct certificate is required to "ensure the safety of all students". "This is a normal requirement everywhere around the world. You have to know who is coming to work for you - does he or she have a criminal background?" Almahdi said.

He was speaking on the sidelines of his presentation on day two of the International and Private Schools Education Forum (IPSEF) on Saturday.

"The teacher will be required to get a good conduct certificate from the country they were teaching at last ... For example, if it is an Indian teacher and he taught at Singapore last, he needs to get a clearance certificate from the authorities in Singapore," Almahdi said. "This is to keep our children safe."

Earlier this year, a Dubai teacher was arrested in Florida for allegedly attempting to solicit sex with a seven-year-old.

The UAE has made it mandatory for all educators to obtain a teaching licence. In Dubai, all educators need to acquire a teacher or educational leadership permit by 2021.

Almahdi said there are now more than 20,000 teachers in Dubai, but "55 per cent of them don't have proper training". Only 10 per cent of these teachers have some kind of international teaching licence, he added.

Explaining the process to get the permit in Dubai, the official said: "There are six main supporting elements that need to be taken into consideration for you to get your teacher's permit: Subject knowledge, teaching certification, language proficiency, MoE teaching licence, professional development and portfolio."

When it comes to the qualifications provided by the applicant, Almahdi said the MoE will be verifying them. He said a degree may be considered "as just a diploma in some countries" or vice versa.

"The UAE government wants 100 per cent of its teachers (to have received a) high quality education," he said. "These teachers come from 182 nationalities - so you can see the difficulties of giving licences to them. They come from different states, standards, universities and schools."

Highlighting the nationalities of the teachers in Dubai, Almadhi said 5,823 are Indian, 3,405 British, 1,818 Egyptians, 1,053 Filipinos and 918 Pakistanis.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Different Types of UAE Visas

Whether you want to work or simply visit the UAE, several visas are available that can suit your travel plans. While the country issues many other kinds of visas, Below are five visas one can use to enter the UAE.

Tourist visa
Tourist visa is used by travellers whose purpose in the country is for tourism. The visa permits the holder to stay in the country for 30 days or 90 days. To get one, you'll need sponsorship by a UAE airline, hotel and tour operators. Each UAE airline offers visa services when you fly with them. Apart from that, travel agents and hotels can also arrange a tourist visa for you. read more

Visit visa
You'll need a friend or relative residing in the country to sponsor your UAE visit visa. They can apply for your visa at any GDRFA office across the emirate and the process takes one or two days. After the visa is issued, you will get the visa through E-mail. read more

Transit visa
Have a connecting flight with a lengthy stopover? If you're just passing by, UAE airlines also issue transit visas valid for those whose stopover exceeds 8 hours. Passengers with transit visas must leave the country within 96 hours of arrival. If you have a shorter transit time, UAE started exemption of transit passengers from all entry fees for first 48 hours. read more

Employment visa
An employment visa, also known as a work permit, is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Entry Permit is valid for two months from the date of issue and after entry, you should do Medical, Emirates ID, Health Insurance, Labour Contract and stamp the visa on the passport. This is visa is valid for two years. 

Residence visa
The residence visa is the next step after securing an employment visa. Think of it as an evolution of the latter. To secure this, you'll need to get a medical test and apply for another document - the Emirates ID. The UAE Resident Identity Card certifies that the holder is a valid UAE resident. After the whole process is complete, you can now sponsor your family members and bring them into the country as well. 

Monday, September 17, 2018

Long-Term Investment Visa for Expat Retirees

Special Long-Term Residency Visa for Expatriates  After Retirement: 
■ Expats retirees over the age of 55 years will get 5-year visa, with the possibility of renewal. 

The law, which will be in effect as of 2019, outlines the requirements to qualify for the long-term visa such as having an investment in a property worth Dh2 million, or having financial savings of no less than Dh1 million, or having an active income of no less than Dh20,000 per month. And as long as these conditions are met, the visa will be automatically renewed.

For an expat to be eligible for a long-term visa, the requirements include:

■ An investment in a property worth Dh2 million, or 

■ Financial savings of no less than Dh1 million, or

■ An active income of no less than Dh20,000 per month.

Major Cabinet decisions on visas announced this year

■ Abolished mandatory bank guarantee for labour recruitment and replace it with a low-cost insurance system 
■ New visa facilitation procedures for visitors, residents, families & people overstaying visas adopted  
■ Approved UAE exemption of transit passengers from all entry fees for first 48 hours approved. Transit visa extension for up to 96 hours for a fee of Dh50   
■ New six-month visa introduced for job seekers who overstayed their visa but wish to work in the country
■ 10 years visa for professionals such as doctors, engineers, specialists working in medicine, science, research and technical fields 
■ Approved five-year visas for students and 10-year visa for "exceptional" graduates
How to Sponsor Parents on Residence Visa in Dubai?

Saturday, September 15, 2018

UAE App for international driving licence

The Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with the Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE, have launched a smart service to allow citizens and expatriates in the UAE to apply for the international driving licence.

The ministry aims to promote its smart services via their app (MOI UAE) and website, as part of the UAE Smart Government vision 2021 to put the country among the best in the world in terms of economic and social development. 

The Automobile & Touring Club of the UAE, established in 1965, will have the exclusive rights to issuing international driving licence in the UAE.

The process of application is simple and is valid for one year. Drivers can refer to the smart app for the legal requirements while driving abroad.”

The international licence will also protect the driver and his family in the event of accidental damage to the vehicle when abroad as the international driving licence will have the provisions of the legal insurance required and will also be one’s identity in the event of the loss of passport. The international driver’s licence will be a world-wide recognised document and available in 10 languages to help overcome language barriers.

Apply for International Driving License through RTA

Documents Required
1. Application form
2. Passport Copy & Emirates ID + copy
3. Original driving license
4. Driving license copy
5. 2 Personal photos
6. Valid Visa issued from any Emirates.
7. The UAE driving license should be valid.
Service Fees

8. Fee: 150.0 AED


How to Sponsor Parents on Residence Visa in Dubai?

Friday, September 14, 2018

Top 10 Passports in the World, UAE passport is world’s 9th

The UAE passport is now the world’s ninth most powerful passport, offering ease of international travel to its citizens.

On Thursday, Dr Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs said in a tweet: “the UAE passport has ranked at 9th position in the Global Passport Index, and now citizens can enter 157 countries without a prior visa.”

As per the current index, UAE citizens can travel to 112 countries without visas and in 45 countries, they can get visa on arrival, which makes a total of 157 countries where prior visas are not required for UAE nationals.

Still, citizens need to obtain prior visas for 41 countries in the world.

The Passport Index is a popular online interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of the world. It is a real-time global ranking of the world’s passports, updated as frequently as new visa waivers and changes are implemented, the index website says.

In 2017, the UAE announced its ambition to make the country’s passport among the five most powerful passports in the world by 2021. At the time of the announcement, the UAE passport held a visa-free score of 132 countries.

The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs said recently that the country is actively strengthening its diplomatic efforts in a bid to have one of the top five passports in the world, as per the country’s vision 2021.

In the latest Global Passport Index, Singapore placed first, with citizens able to travel to 166 countries without a prior visa.

In second position were a number of countries, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, The Netherlands, South Korea and United States. their citizens can travel visa-free to 165 destinations.

Whereas in third placed were Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Japan, Ireland and Canada, with their citizens able to travel to 164 destinations of the world without visas.

1. Singapore: 166 destinations.
2. Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, South Korea and United States: 165 destinations.
3. Italy, France Spain, Greece, Portugal, Japan, Ireland and Canada: 164 destinations.
4. Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, Hungary and United Kingdom: 163 destinations.
5. Czech Republic, Malta, Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia: 162 destinations.
6. Slovenia, Iceland, Lithuania and Slovakia: 161 destinations.
7. Estonia, Poland, and Latvia: 160 destinations.
8. Romania and Bulgaria: 158 destinations.
9. Liechtenstein and UAE: 157 destinations.
10. Cyprus and Croatia: 156 destinations.