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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Freehold Property Visa in Dubai

Individuals who have purchased a property for a minimum value of Dh1 million are entitled to apply for residence visa in the UAE, provided
such a property has been completed and
handed over to its owner by the developer.
Such a visa is valid for two years.

The property owner initially has to approach the Dubai Land Department along with original passport, original title deed, NOC from the developer and copy of current visa page (if any).

Based on the letter issued by the Dubai Land Department, you need to thereafter approach the Dubai Police for issuance of Certificate of Good Conduct

and later to the Dubai Economic Department along with the relevant documents and apply for an investor licence.

Once the investor license is issued by the Dubai Economic Department, you can approach the GDRFA to apply for residence visa in the UAE with aforesaid documents.

Two year Multiple-entry Visa will be issued for expatriate property owners, who meet the eligibility criteria.

+ This Visa can be renewed, but the investor must remain out of the UAE for at least one month.

Dependents' Visa:  Property visa holder can sponsor his dependents on residence visa.

+ The maximum permitted stay at once is six months.
+ Visa Fee: Dh2305 Total expense: Dh 8400 (Approx)
+ The investors will need to meet a set of requirements:

Property Worth: The property should be worth at least Dh1 million.
+ It should be ready for the investor to move in.

Monthly income: It should be wholly owned by the investor and the investor must have a monthly income no less than Dh10,000 or equivalent in foreign currencies.

+ The apartment or villa must be comfortable to accommodate the family of the investor.

+ The investor is required to obtain the title of the property from the registration authority in the respective emirate, before he could be granted the visa.

How to apply: You should approach Land Department with all the supporting documents.

Documents Required: 

Title Deed of the property
Passport copy & Photo

Time: Visa approval will take three weeks

Period of Visa: Two years
Send your queries to: visaprocess.ae@gmail.com


Dubai Land Department
Bniyas Road, Deira, Dubai
Tel. +971-600-555556

Rental Dispute Center: 8004488
Timing: Sunday to Thursday from 7:30 am until 2:30 pm
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