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Monday, June 25, 2018

New Tourist Visa Structure in Oman

Oman Tourist visa can now be availed for as short as 10-day visa, one month, and one year tourist visa.

Foreigners who own certain properties in the Sultanate can receive a visa without a sponsor, as well as expatriates working for a government agency can become sponsors themselves. 

The new amendments state that a visa sponsor must either be an Omani, licenced foreign investor, or an expatriate employee of a government agency. This means that expatriates will be able to become sponsors of their own family members as long as they meet certain conditions.

Royal Oman Police introduced new short stay visa for visitors intending to make short trip of 10days to the Sultanate. Tourists will have to pay OMR5 for the short stay visa.

The fee for visa transfer application is OMR50 and non-refundable while the second addition is OMR5 fee for a 10-day tourist visa. Besides this, tourist visa can now be availed for as short as 10-day visa, one month, and one year tourist visa.

GCC residents with eligible professions can enter the Sultanate on tourist visa once without sponsor and stay there for a period of four weeks, it may be extended for a week on condition that they must enter the Sultanate during one month from the date of issuing the visa".

Fines for not exiting the country upon the expiration of the visa are now set at OMR10 per day for all visa categories. 
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