Probation Period: UAE Labour Law

An employee cannot be on probation under the same employer for more than once and the maximum probation period shall be six months. This is in accordance with Article 37 of the Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 regulating employment relations in the UAE (the 'Employment Law') which states, "An employee may be engaged on probation for a period not exceeding six months, during which his services may be terminated by the employer without notice or severance pay: Provided that an employee shall not be engaged on probation more than once in the service of any one employer. Where an employee successfully completes his period of probation and remains in his job, the said period shall be reckoned towards his period of service.

Frequently Asked QuestionQ: Is it permitted to exclude the probation period?
A: Yes it is ... as the probation period is optional. 

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