Visit Visa - Long Term & Short Term (Single & Multiple Entry) UAE

Visit visa extension
Visit visa holders will be able to apply for 30-day extensions twice without having to leave the country. A Dh600 fee is applicable for each extension. Previously, visitors had to leave the UAE after the expiry of their three-month visit visas or one-month tourist visas. The visit and tourist visas have to be extended through travel agents.

Expatriates living in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and those accompanying citizens of Gulf countries do not qualify.

Special entry permits and 96-hour special mission entry visas are not included.

FINE: Dh100 per day fine for violators which will take effect ten days after visa expiry.

New reforms to the UAE visa system that will benefit families, residents and visitors, started to  implement across the country with effect from October 21, 2018.
Residents can apply for a 30-day or 90-day Single/Multiple entry visit visa, both of which are non-extendable, for their spouse or blood relatives of 1st or 2nd degree only. Visa cost as follows:

Short Term Visit (30 Days)-Dubai
For Single Entry 
(Including Dh1000 Deposit and Health Insurance)
Typing charge extra

Long Term Visit (90 Days)-Dubai
For Single Entry 
(Including Health Insurance & Dh1000 deposit)
For Multiple Entry read more
Typing charge extra

Short Term Visit (30 Days)-Sharjah
For Normal Application 
 For Urgent (Dh40 Insurance and Typing charge extra)

Long Term Visit (90 Days)-Sharjah
For Normal Application 
 For Urgent (Dh90 Insurance and Typing charge extra)

Minimum salary requirement
Dh5,000 to sponsor brother/sister
Dh4,000 to sponsor wife, children, parents, father in-law and mother in-law
Dh6,000-Dh7,000 to sponsor other relatives
Dh10,000 to sponsor friends

Required Documents for Visit Visa:
+ Passport Copy of Visitor. Passport must be valid minimum 3 months.

+ Photo (1) with white back ground.
+ Passport Copy 
+ Visa page of Sponsor. 
+ Emirates ID or ID Application proof of the sponsor (for Long Term Visit).
+ Tenancy Contract, Ejari registration Certificate and Electricity Bill.
+ Documents proving kinship or marriage must be submitted.

Typing: Application including health insurance can be prepared from Typing Centre.

Validity: Visa holder should enter UAE within two months from the date of issue. If not entered, visa will be cancelled automatically and to be applied again with the same procedures.+ To sponsor 90-day Visit (long term), the sponsor must have Emirates ID or proof of ID application.

Deposit: Applicant will have to deposit Dh1000 for sponsoring wife, children, parents, father in-law and mother in-law.

Dh2000 Deposit to sponsor Brother, Sister, Brother in-law, Sister in-law, other relatives and friends.
+ This amount is  refundable on exit of the visitor.

In case the visitor overstays, you cannot refund the deposit and extra fine should be paid as follows:

Fine for Visit/Tourist Overstay

Dh200 for the first day and Dh100 for each consecutive day. This fine can be paid at Immigration or at the airport when the Visitor exits.
 A foreign wife of a citizen of a GCC country can only obtain a visit visa if she holds a residence visa in the home country of her husband. Sixty-day visit visas are renewable twice, allowing for a total permitted stay of 180 days, can be obtained for domestic helpers who accompany citizens of GCC countries.

+ Visit Visa holder can change status to EmploymentResidence visa by paying Dhs680+615.

+ Tourist Visa holder must exit UAE to change his/her visa to Employment/ Residence.

Residents in GCC countries and their domestic helpers can obtain a 30-day visit visa, renewable once for a similar period. read more

Continuous Visit: Visit or Tourist visa holder can get another Visit/Tourist Visa only after exit UAE. But no need  to stay one month out of UAE to get another Visit or Tourist Visa. This rule has been scrapped. Now you can apply soon after the exit.

 This is issued for a non-renewable 14 days for a fee of Dh220. It is issued to businessmen and tourists sponsored by a company or commercial establishment or a hotel licensed to operate in the UAE. Visa holder must enter UAE within 14 days from the date of issue. Duration of stay 14 days from the date of entry.

NOTE: Egyptian and Syrian applicants should have Dh10000 to sponsor family on visit visa.

Refund of Unused Application: If your Visit/Residence Visa application rejected by Immigration, you can apply for refund through online. You should provide your Bank Account details with IBAN. You will get back issuance fees only.
Amount will be credited to your account within 10 days. Status Change and Cancellation applications are not refundable.

Immigration Help Line: 800 5111

Ministry of Interior Call Centre: 800 5000

 To prepare Visit Visa application under your sponsorship Call:

Qusais (Al Nahda-2): 04-239 1302, 055 273 2295, 055-345 7829
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