Dubai residents can return to any UAE airport with GDRFA approval, Covid-negative result

All expatriates with valid UAE resident visas allowed to return.
UAE residents who are stranded abroad for more than six months can also return without any issue after following entry regulations. Earlier, it was mandatory for residents to come back to the UAE within six months.

Once they receive a return permit from GDRFA-Dubai and obtain a negative PCR test result, they can return to Dubai through any UAE airport. Said Major General Mohammed Al Marri, Director General of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in Dubai.

The residents with expired residency visas should renew their visas before exiting the country if they wish to return to the UAE.

"To all those who have accumulated fines, please do not assume you cannot exit the country. We at Dubai Airports and GDRFA will handle each humanitarian case individually and facilitate their travel". Said Al Marri. 

Companies can also approach the GDRFA to get approval for the return of their employees who are stranded abroad. “In case, any one facing issue in getting permission on the GDRFA online portal, employer or company can approach the GDRFA for travel permission.

If head of the family including father or mother gets approval, children are not required to get travel approvals and the whole family can return to the UAE with one approval if they are travelling together.

Use any airline
Major General Al Merri also made it clear that it was not necessary to buy a UAE-based airline tickets as UAE residents are free to travel on the airline of their choice. Travel approvals have nothing to do with the choice of airline for travel.
Public can ask questions to key government officials each week on #AskDXBOfficial. Answers to their queries will be posted on GDMO's official social media platforms.

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